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Slinking Into Gov. Christie’s Statehouse

Who Are These Mad Men and What Are They Doing In the Statehouse?

Full Story on Monday

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

Inside view of Statehouse dome

[Update 2/17/14 – YEOW! Tom Moran calls Ferzan “slithering”:  Chris Christie’s fortress of secrets].

[Update: 2/3/14 –  For the story and content, see today’s post – I’ll only briefly identify the Mad Men depicted below]

I think the mainstream media calls this a “teaser” – so we’ll deliver the full story tomorrow. But for now, consider:

Who IS this Mad Man and what is he doing in the Statehouse?

This man is Randy Solomon, head of Sustainable NJ. He was at the Statehouse on Friday for a 3 pm meeting with Sandy Czar Ferzan and DEP.

I have accused SNJ of working closely with the Christie administration behind the scenes and providing political cover for the Governor. Those claims always were  true, but now are a matter of public record, given SNJ involvement in Sandy Hazard Mitigation Grant program and the Round 2 HUD funds.



Who is THIS Mad Man and what is HE doing in the Statehouse?

This man is Dave Rosenblatt. Dave is head of DEP’s Coastal Engineering program. Dave was at the Statehouse to meet with Sandy Czar Ferzan.

Dave is a career DEP professional. But his Office is the wrong office to be heading up DEP’s coastal restoration program. That’s like putting the US Army Corps of Engineers in charge.

That office has historically been driven by the “hard structure” engineering approach to coastal management, and a hostility to more natural and “resilient” strategies. That office also lacks any policy or planning expertise, which the DEP relied on from the Coastal Management Program that Bob Martin demolished..

Looking up to Famous Men


Looking Down on Bad Men

Coordinating It all

This man is Gov. Christie’s Sandy Recovery Czar – head of the Governor’s Office of Recovery and Rebuilding.

That Office makes multi-billion dollar decisions that affect millions of people’s lives and will define the future of the entire NJ shore.

That Office is a unilateral creation of Gov. Christie and operates with virtually no oversight.

The GORR has no legislative authorization and has refused to submit to Legislative oversight. The Office follows no public planning process or  regulatory standards or procedures. There is little transparency in how they conduct their work or make decisions. They have delayed and denied OPRA document requests.

Ferzan has made exactly two public appearances: one a speech before the Chamber of Commerce and the other a press conference to defend the Gov. in the Hoboken matter.

This is a totally intolerable situation I’ve written about many times. Where is the media and the Legislature?

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