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This is What Sea Level Rise Might Look Like

High Tide After Full Moon on Delaware River In Bordentown, NJ

Bordentown Beach (4/17/14)

Bordentown Beach (4/17/14)

Walking the dog late Thursday afternoon and noticed high tide had submerged benches and picnic tables.

We had rain Tuesday, the river was flowing high, and a full moon, so the tide was as high as I’ve seen it.

Saw a couple taking photos, and thought these might be good images for showing what the effects of sea level rise might look like – which is an abstraction for most folks.

Stopped to talk with them, and met Eva and Rodney Hargis, who graciously agreed – here are their shots.

I don’t think most folks understand what projected 3 feet of sea level rise by 2050 or permanent inundation would mean – barrier islands submerged – but people can relate to pictures of submerged park benches and do understand the tides.

For those interested in reading an excellent report on climate impacts on the Delaware River Basin, see this University of Pennsylvania study (2008).



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