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Powerful Charts of the Day

Christie’s NJ Blown Away by Windy New England

Retiring Nuclear and Fossil Plant Capacity Replaced by Gas & Wind

“Green Path” Provides More Jobs at Lower Cost

new england

Including the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, New England expects to see more than 1,369 MW of generation retired between 2013 and 2016. Dominion Energy Resources is planning to retire the nearly 750-MW Salem Harbor coal- and petroleum-fired power plant in Massachusetts in 2014. Dominion cited a combination of the costs of compliance with new environmental regulations as well as declining profits for coal-fired units in Independent System Operator of New England.

On the other hand, 1,193 MW of capacity is expected to come on line in New England between 2013 and 2016. Half of the capacity additions will be from natural gas, with another 406 MW – 34% coming from new wind turbines. (Source: EIA)

If New England can manage to shut down fossil and nuke plants and keep the lights on and houses warm, NJ surely can shut down Oyster Creek and BL England, and ultimately phase out fossil

New England is also light years ahead of NJ not only on renewable wind power and shutting down nukes, but in considering the jobs issue in energy alternative analysis.

Take a look at this chart – the “green” alternative produced more jobs than relicensing the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant –

vermont yankee


So why is Christie still allowing Oyster Creek to operate and backing BL England repowering?


Source:   Joe Novarra BC Express, HVAC contractor, opposes Gov. CHristie diversion of Clean Energy Funds (3/25/10)


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