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Rutgers Climate Report Gives Christie Policy a Pass

NJ Spotlight Reports that, from the spectacular grounds of the Duke Estate, the “NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance”, a handful of the usual suspects funded from the same elite and out of touch private Foundations – just released a major climate Report, see:

Read the whole thing for yourself –  I browsed it and rapidly came to the following conclusion, which I posted in a comment on the Spotlight piece – I don’t think an in depth read will change this assessment:

Investigative Journalist IF Stone once said that to understand a Government document, read it from back to front because they hide all the good stuff at the end.

Well, if you go to literally the final page of the Dodge/NJ Future/Rutgers/Duke Report, you will find the only – albeit weak-kneed – criticism of the Christie Administration and specific regulatory policies.

And that criticism is couched as coming from Stakeholders, not the authors of the Report themselves.

They similarly hide the new funding recommendations behind a Blue Ribbon panel.

And the regulatory recommendations lack specificity and are disengaged from current regulatory policy and practice.

What a profile in courage.

Broad, bland, vague, process oriented Reports  (let’s form a new Committee stacked with our friends!) that lack focused accountability on policy is the LAST thing we need right now.

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