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Hundreds Protest Christie In Connecticut

Christie Ducks Protesters at Private Gated Millionaire’s Compound

Christie “Not Welcome In Connecticut”

"Not Welcome in Connecticut

“Not Welcome in Connecticut”

This was no stage managed Christie Town Hall.

Gov. Christie’s fundraiser at an exclusive private gated compound in Connecticut yesterday was jolted by hundreds of protesters, who set up a gauntlet along what protesters thought was the only entrance route to the exclusive compound.

But, in a cowardly move that perfectly echoed his veto of gun safety legislation, Christie took the back door into his Billionaire’s Boys fundraiser and, showing his arrogance and contempt for democracy, evaded the signs and chants of protesters: “Not One More!”

Christie's suburban skulks in the billionaire's back door

Christie’s suburban skulks in the billionaire’s back door

The location, far from the “sacrifice zones” in his home state, was the perfect backdrop to illustrate the the warped priorities of the Gov. – a man that manufactures a budget crisis by providing $2 billion in welfare to corporations while cutting pension contributions, education, and social programs, is right at home in a private gated community of the 0.01 percent, hosted by a hedge fund manager Vulture Capitalist.

[Perhaps a reporter – just one – could ask Gov. Christie, specifically, just how those billionaire hedge fund managers – i.e Vulture Capitalists – and Wall Street financiers – i.e. speculators and fraudster who took down the economy – “create jobs”.  Make the Gov. defend his discredited trickle down austerity policy with some evidence.]

The attempt by Christie to promote his national political aspirations in Connecticut was also a deeply painful insult to many, in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school slaughter.

While the political issue that brought out protesters was gun safety and outrage over Gov.’s Christie’s veto of a bill that would restrict high capacity magazine clips that facilitate mass slaughters like that went on in Connecticut’s nearby Sandy Hook school, there were other important – let’s say “non-trivial” – political implications of the large protest of Christie.

[Perhaps an intrepid reporter – just one – could ask the Gov. why he feels that legislation to stop the slaughter of children in schools is “trivial”. Make him defend his own veto and disgusting rhetoric.]

The protest hopefully will begin the process of puncturing the Christie media myth and narrative as a candidate that is warmly embraced on the campaign trail in other states as a moderate, bi-partisan, “strong leader” and “straight shooter” (no pun intended).

Christie needs to receive many more of these kind of pushback protests, in every state – including his own – that he visits in his quest for the Republican Presidential nomination for 2016. Bird dog the bastard!

If every single issue group harmed by Christie’s policies were to organize similar Christie “welcomes” in every state he visits, then maybe the media would begin to look at his record and accurately portray the Gov.’s miserable record, and not simply echo and reinforce the narrative the Gov. is trying to build.

The Gov. is bowing to deeply unpopular special interests – the Billionaire’s, the corporations and polluters, the NRA, etc – in a cynical attempt to court the Republican wing nut base, who vote heavily in Republican primary states.

Second, the crowd was composed of what appeared to be a good fraction of upscale and clearly moderate people. When these folks start taking to the streets in protest, that sends a strong message to others that are similarly outraged by the rightward political shift in this country, and is a source of optimism that movement politics are surging.

Something to build on – take a look at the scene:








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