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The Way To Beat the Frackers

Mass Movement Politics – Resistance – Street Tactics – Political Accountability


Merry Christmas folks: In  the spirit of throwing the money changers out of the Temple:

Just in case any of the Tom Moran fans or NY Times readers out there are confused, and think NY Governor Cuomo banned fracking out of the goodness of his heart or based on the Department of Health’s Report, I thought I’d repost some photos that illustrate what it takes to win.

Scenes are from an August 27, 2012 “Don’t Frack NY” protest in the NY State Capital, Albany NY.

Importantly, a key feature of the NY anti-fracking protest movement was the fact that over 3,200 people pledged to actively resist any fracking. 

Support for resistance is a hugely important and completely unreported aspect of the anti-fracking and growing climate justice movements.




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