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This Is What Mitigation Looks Like (the Utopian Vision of “Conservation” Groups)

Do oil & gas pipelines look like this to you? Source: The Conservation Fund

Do oil & gas pipelines look like this to you? Source: The Conservation Fund – don’t mind those greenhouse gas emissions behind the pipeline! Mitigate that!

I felt the need to post this in disgust, after reading about the most recent news on the $66 million SR power line Delaware Watergap mitigation program, see:

The depiction above is the IDEALIZED  vision of “mitigation”:

  • Major infrastructure projects require mitigation.
  • Mitigation means new conservation.

(translation: “mitigation means money” – 3M’s Baby!)

It was produced by The Conservation Fund, the corporate oriented “conservation” group that cut the dirty deal in the SR Delaware Watergap. (I don’t think even the oil & gas industry are this bold in depicting their lies about pipelines, because this is what they really look like):

Our mission is to protect land and water resources. Because new infrastructure provides significant conservation opportunity, we work with companies, government agencies, land managers and communities to improve mitigation efforts. We identify mitigation needs and create strategies to meet them. We serve as honest brokers, keeping mitigation focused on achieving the best available conservation outcomes.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, right? As the man sang: “If I don’t do it, you know somebody else will”.

I strongly urge you to read their “conservation strategy” to see if you agree.

Keep in mind that there are many groups in NJ who share their “entrepreneurial spirit”, vision, and values (i.e. “we’re entrepreneurs” and “we balance economics and environment” – Sounds like Eric Stiles or Mike Catania talking).

Don’t miss the “Real Estate” program page:

In addition to helping public partners save land, we work with interested private landowners to secure conservation easements on lands with high conservation value. We place particular importance on “working lands,” or forests, farms and ranches being sustainably, actively managed. A growing part of our work involves helping corporate partners and regulatory agencies achieve good conservation outcomes through mitigation. Our experienced team includes attorneys, lenders, foresters and other real estate experts. Most work in small offices across the country, living in the communities they help conserve.

Of course, you must read the “entrepreneurial”  “Conservation Ventures” page, and its emphasis on “sustainable forest stewardship” (where have we heard that before?)

Our Conservation Ventures invest in, or lend money to, small business and sustainable forestry efforts that generate economic, social and environmental returns. Our goal is to help people build enterprises that make a difference with every board foot, kilowatt hour, paddle stroke, bottle or bushel they produce.

My question to you is:

Do you want these visions and values and “entrepreneurial” conservation groups and corporate programs controlling your public lands here in NJ?

If not, contact your legislator and tell them to deny any funds for “Stewardship” or any public funds to private non-profit groups who conduct “mitigation” or “stewardship” projects.

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