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Christie DEP Dismantling Operation Moves Again

Proposed Repeal and “Overhaul” of Water Quality Management Planning Rules

I am taking a few days off – I feel burnt out from the weight of exhausting and massive and unprecedented DEP and climate rollbacks, all coming at once, some of which I have personal involvement with.

Here’s bullets some of the stuff germinating for future posts:

1. BPU final hearing on South Jersey Gas Pinelands pipeline – next steps

2. Legislative veto of Christie flood hazard rules – resolution released by Senate Environmental Committee

3. DEP proposal to repeal and “overhaul” water quality management planning rules

4. As Highlands Regional Plan and DEP regulations are in the crosshairs of the Christie “overhaul” machine, the Highlands Coalition wanders off into a cul de sac of cultural irrelevance

5.  The meaning of the Duke Farms dispute

6. Nancy Wittenberg has got to go

7. The case for a fossil infrastructure moratorium

8. The meaning of the Dodge Foundation’s recent confab

9. Activists speaking from the heart

10. What the US “climate commitments” at Paris COP really mean.

11. Joe Romm got played by Christie Whitman

12. Is the Christie DEP still giving HEDD to major air polluters?

13. Are Dems able to block Christie rollbacks?

14. Will EPA fold in opposition to DEP flood rules? Will they engage in WQMP rule repeal and “overhaul”?

15. Why are NJ enviro organizations so dysfunctional?

16. Energy market collusion by gas pipeline and power plant corporations – scheme smells exactly like the conspiracy and abuse of Enron and has many of the same players and dynamics of The Chairman’s role Port Authority, United, and Atlantic City airport scandals.

17. The NJ Spotlight’s new investigative series on Dirty Secrets.

Just some of the thoughts roiling around in my head right now – need a few days to simmer.

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