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While Christie Is Away, His BPU & DEP Hacks Play

Unprecedented, Systematic, and Irresponsible Attack On Environmental Safeguards

Who turned my press corps yellow?

That headline admittedly is misleading, by implying that the Gov. doesn’t support what BPU and DEP are doing (e.g. when the cat’s away the mice play and get away with what they can’t when the cat is on guard), while we all know that BPU and DEP Commissioner Martin are just following the “regulatory relief” orders of the Gov.

In the last few months, during the Gov.’s primary campaign, DEP has embarked on THE MOST anti-environmental agenda in NJ history.

Take a look at the recent lowlights – you really can’t make this stuff up – each single one a MAJOR radical policy reversal of all previous Administrations over that last 30 years:

Nothing like this has ever happened before in NJ. Never.

Not even close – even during the Whitman “Open For Business” years.

But, of course, the NJ press corps has failed to connect the dots, and for the most part, even report on each individual element of it at all.

Of course, that same NJ press corps has reporters and editors assigned to report and pontificate on every move of Gov. Christie on the campaign tour – and every outrageous racist ignorant uttering of The Donald.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff – but enough is enough

And the elite media just can’t seem to understand why voters don’t understand politics.

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