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The Elysian (Fracked) Fields of Princeton – Montgomery



We recently read that construction of the Transco pipeline had hit a “snag”:

The company ran into a snag as it tried to install the last section of the pipeline underground, using a hydraulic ram to tunnel through an area off Cherry Hill and Cherry Valley roads. It hit some dense rock in that area and could not get through.  …

Having been stymied in its efforts to drill underground to install the pipeline and ruining several expensive drill bits in the process, Williams-Transco wants permission from the Department of Environmental Protection to open a trench to install the last section of pipeline.

Were these the same geotechnical engineers that designed this Tennessee Gas pipeline?

We were curious and thought folks might want to see what was going on at the site.

So we took a ride out last week and – after being chased off by an on duty Montgomery Police officer – we rambled onto the site through the woods off Road

Here’s what we saw: first thing we noticed was the neighborhood – I bet Transco’s route planners didn’t know what they were getting in to:


Bushwacking in through the brambled understory, we knew we were getting close when we saw the sediment choked stream running like chocolate milk:


There, through woods, we spotted the pickup trucks!


The view to the northwest


was not much better than the view southeast


We headed back to the car before the goons got us for trespassing – and drove the perimeter roads.

That’s where we noticed the Elysian Fields:(that green line along the tree line is gas pipeline)


and this lovely stretch of Bedens Brook

Bedens Brook

Heading back home with wet feet and a wet dog, we drove through the Princeton Ridge portion of the pipeline to see how the 1% live – even the 1% can’t escape the pipelines and climate chaos. We’re all in this together.

Check this Modernist mansion out, literally siting on the pipeline. Wonder if the owners have reviewed the “kill zone” maps: (or if the geotechnical engineers saw that boulder!)


Ah, what the hell – at least they give the wealthy neighbors nice rustic fences in Princeton!


In closing, this is what we need to be telling the greed head frackers:


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