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Climate Deer In The Headlights

Stunned, just stunned by this interview today at Democracy Now!:

AMY GOODMAN: Would you call for a moratorium on fracking?

BILL McKIBBEN: Well, I don’t—I mean, I don’t know what the language will be or even quite what that would mean, but I think at this point the key is at least to keep it from growing any faster than it can.

What? Don’t know what a fracking moratorium would mean? WTF!

The Sanders climate and energy platform already calls for a ban on fracking:

  • Stand with Vermont and other states to ban fracking for natural gas. Fracking threatens our air and water. Disposal of wastewater from fracking causes earthquakes. Oklahoma became the number one place for earthquakes on Earth this year because gas companies inject fracking fluid back into the ground. Fracking is a large-scale industrial process that doesn’t belong in anyone’s backyard or deserve exemption from laws that protect the health of our children. That’s why communities all over the country from New York to California and Texas to Colorado have stood up to the oil and gas industry and said they don’t want fracking in their backyards. Bernie was very proud when Vermont became the first state to ban fracking. We have clean energy solutions to climate change, and fracking is not one of them.

Bill McKibben needs to seriously ramp up his game –

If he hesitates in an interview on Democracy Now!, the Democratic platform Committee, stacked with corporate Democrats and Hillary supporters, will eat him alive.

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