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Hey You!

Box turtle

Saw two box turtles on our walk this morning!

Hey you don’t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight. ~~~ Pink Floyd (listen)

Now that I’ve got your attention, consider this argument:

Anderson complains that scientists self-censor because they cannot fund bad news and don’t want to be its messenger. But it seems to me that he is guilty of the same fault when he offers hopeful answers that affect our lives little.

Only someone who knows the danger and cares about the future of humankind could make the last ditch effort to try and keep global average temperature rise to 2°C. For that effort cannot be made without total upheaval in how we live. We are not going to do this with a simple painless adjustment of the knob. We cannot use hydrocarbon fuels for energy, period.

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