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[If you read this and want to contribute, please don’t use PayPal – my account is blocked]

Friends and readers – I’d like to thank all those who generously contributed to my emergency fundraising appeal back in May.

For those who may have missed that, unfortunately, I need to continue with another appeal, hopefully the last one.

Please [deleted Paypal because they blocked and stole funds] and contribute what you can.

We think we contribute to the work we all do. After 30 years of doing this work, we know how to be effective.

We provide leadership, regulatory expertise, and technical support and information to empower community activists.

We hold corporations, politicians, and government officials accountable.

We catalyze debates and shape media coverage – our work often injected into the policy debates and news coverage.

We try to provide strategic guidance so that activists and environmental groups target the levers of power that determine outcomes.

We produce original content that is used by main stream media, Trenton policymakers, and environmental activists.

We do this alone, with no staff, no budget, no foundation money, and no membership contributions.

We think we produce far more substantive content, impact policy results/outcomes, and influence public opinion than many well staffed environmental groups with big budgets.

We are often months or even years out in front of many stories and issues, and rarely get the credit we deserve.

No single individual provides the heavy hitting and effective support on such a range of issues. Just in the last few weeks, we have taken the lead and had a significant impact on the following issues (these links are main stream media stories I’m quoted in – the more in depth supporting work is on the blog in multiple posts):

1. Pressuring state officials to protect drinking water, see

2. Fighting rollbacks to the Highlands Septic Density standard, see:

3. Breaking the story about NJ’s highly corrosive groundwater and what that means for risks to exposure to lead, see:

4. Fighting the rollback of Category One stream buffer protections, getting “kudos” from the Senate Environment Committee Chairman Bob Smith:

5. Opposing logging of Highlands Forests, including Sparta Mountain WMA.

6. Supporting activists in battling Pinelands pipelines and the BL England power plant.

7. Helping local resident oppose the huge Lennar sprawl development in Plumsted township.

8. Providing technical support to residents of Moorestown fighting to protect their drinking water.

9. Working with community leaders in Pompton Lakes to hold corporate polluter Dupont accountable, assure an adequate EPA cleanup, and that USFWS fully recovers Natural Resource Damages there.

We expect more hard times financially, as we are not adept at fundraising and in many ways have been effectively black-balled by NJ Foundations.

We urgently ask for your continued support. Please hit the Paypal link – also above – and contribute what you can – I’d like to continue this work, but can’t do it without your help.

* Contributions are not tax deductible.

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