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Christie DEP Continues To Commercialize and Ruin State Parks

A Tiki Bar Is Going Too Far

Island Beach State Park gem is commercialized with tawdry Tiki bar

Another shoe drops as a result of the “Keep It Green” theft of State Park Funds

red fox at Island Beach SP

red fox at Island Beach SP

We’ve written about this topic numerous times – see “Christie DEP Managing NJ State Parks, Public Lands & Forests As Cash Cows – a disaster for NJ State Parks and public lands.

The disaster is a result of the Christie DEP’s warped “Sustainable Parks Strategy”, which was compounded by the theft by the “Keep It Green” coalition of State Parks funds for open space.

The policy was imposed by unilateral DEP edict, with no public hearings or ability to comment and no legislative policy authorization.

Not only is a Tiki Bar completely incompatible with Island Beach State Park’s mission and natural resources, but there are plenty of places to get hammered on the Jersey Shore (I hope someone holds DEP Commissioner Martin personally liable when the inevitable DWI or drunk drowning deaths result).

I would have thought DEP would have learned something from the Liberty State Park debacle.

So No comment on the latest – other than it takes a very big pair of balls to name the place for the red fox – and has Jeff Tittel gone soft?

Read the NJ.Com story and weep


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