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Holed Up In Flagstaff

May 9th, 2017 No comments

After getting burnt out in the desert, we’re freezing in snow


Take a look above at the conditions at 8 am Pacific time on 5/9/17 , as we wait for the Flagstaff Arizona public library to open. Bouy’s in there somewhere!

We awoke to and ran from a lightning storm early this morning after camping in this roadside place about 40 miles east of Flagstaff:


Yesterday, we saw the petrified forest and painted desert – I prefer the landscape (visuals and hiking) and am not a geology geek, so we didn’t spend much time. Plus, we got a lightning warning upon entering the park, and the weather was deteriorating. Take a look at the storm clouds brewing, with intermittent lightning strikes:


The museum was excellent though, and a visit should be required for all those Trump loyalists and climate denying Republicans:


Note that The Beast has new plates – got licensed and registered in Arizona:


For now, let me just say that we’ve been “dispersed camping” and day hiking in National Forests at incredibly beautiful sites, but running into some harsh weather. The drive northwest along the Rio Grand out of Big Bend NP was spectacular, and the best so far.

More to follow after I download all the photos over the last 2 weeks – a bad day in the library can be useful and provides time to download and check email etc.

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We’re In The Desert Now

May 1st, 2017 No comments

Big Bend National Park, on the Rio Grande River

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park

Arrived at Big Bend National Park yesterday (Sunday) morning after a grueling drive across Texas in high wind and rain.

I figured the best way to get out of all the rain and cold we were hit with along the Blue Ridge mountains was to head south and west – man were we wrong! We ran into even more extreme weather: tornadoes, flash floods and golf ball size hail in Little Rock (more on that and our visit to Hot Springs in a future post).

After that far too long drive across the oil patch of Texas  – “Don’t Mess With Texas” – it’a already messed up!  – we camped Saturday night in record cold at a State of Texas picnic pull-off about 100 miles north of Big Bend NP.

Nothing to fear, a man’s best friend looks out for him:


I decided to come this far south to begin the western flank of our adventure because the Park is located on the Mexican border, and was founded in a spirit of cooperation and friendly relations. A good time to restore that concept in the deplorable age of Trump.

The tremendously old geology and river canyons illustrate that national borders are minor artificial and temporary creations of man.

I am writing this brief note from the inn at Chisos Basin, where we stopped to get some shade and food.

Here’s some sights we’ve seen so far of the Chisos Mountains – later today we are touring the Rio Grande:




Bouy gets his first smell of the desert - Rangers warn that Javelina prey on pets!

Bouy gets his first smell of the desert – Rangers warn that Javelina prey on pets!

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