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The Creepiest Place In The USA!, USA!, USA!

Living In Their Own Private Idaho Of Denial

I challenge readers to name a place with a creepier Town motto, scarier tourist destination, more destructive major industry, and celebration of a notorious history with continued reliance and pride in Orwellian propaganda.

Take a look at the town motto:

Arco Idaho – The First City In The World To Be Lit By Atomic Power


Here is the local tourist draw:

On December 20, 1951, EBR-1 became the first power plant to produce usable electricity using atomic energy.  Idaho National Laboratory (INL) visitor’s brochure


The largest employers are a nuclear waste disposal facility (the Fluor “Radioactive Waste Management Complex”)


and the INL nuclear research facility:

INL’s nuclear energy mission is to develop advanced nuclear technologies that provide clean, abundant, affordable, and reliable energy to the United States and the world [note how they left out the word “safe energy”.]


Take the EBR-1 tour and see what’s behind the building with the Blue Sign and Blue Door with the ominous warning:





Deeply in denial over the total failure of the so called “nuclear renaissance” and zombie nuke plants and still wedded to and shamelessly promoting the same old propaganda for the next generation of nuclear fools: (“Look kids, controlling a nuke plant is sort of like a big video game!” So why don’t you give it a try!)



Notice that they fail to mention the insane Obama revival of the Russian arms race parading as a “nuclear modernization”  ( or Trump’s mimic) or problems at Hanford, or Three Mile Island, or Fukushima (or Hiroshima and Nagasaki, eta l):


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