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Beast Breakdown Fundraiser

The Beast, at 7,000 feet (Hart's Pass, Northern Cascades)

The Beast, at 7,000 feet (Hart’s Pass, Northern Cascades)

Leaving Port Townsend this morning, we stopped to do the laundry. Getting back into the truck, I noticed a significant leak from below the Beast. Smelled like antifreeze.

Got a referral by a resident to a good local auto repair shop – Gary’s Auto Repair – and discovered that my water pump failed.

Replacing the water pump, hoses, thermostat, and clamps cost over $500! Ouch!

The Beast has served me well – over 10,000 miles through some harsh conditions and over sketchy roads.

My funds are being depleted a lot quicker than I had hoped, and this is a big unexpected hit on the financial picture.

SO – we are having a Beast Repair Fundraiser!

Anyone wishing to support this continuing adventure can make a non-tax deductable contribution to [deleted PayPal because they block funding]

Or, shoot me an email and we can arrange something different: bill_wolfe@comcast.net

We thank you! And we’ll keep you posted.

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