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Red Rock Country – Skoolie Views

Just A Climate Migrant


Greetings from Red Rock Country¬†–¬†somewhere outside Sedona, from a US Forest Service Road just past Dead Man’s Pass. (I’ve since learned I’m in Diamondback Gulch and the views are of Bear Mt. and Doe Mt.)

The colors are real, and they change constantly, based on time of day (sunlight) and cloud cover. Incredibly beautiful and the stillness provides a feeling of solidity. Surprised by lack of wildlife – haven’t seen even rabbits.

Nights are cool and silent, but significant nearby ORV use during the day on weekends kept Bouy barking.

Coyotes yip and whine just after sunrise, which sets him off too.

Yesterday it was hot – over 80 I suspect – which made it uncomfortable outside in the sun. Surprisingly, the bus didn’t get that hot inside and it cooled down quickly after sunset.

We’ve been here a week – enjoying finally getting around to read “These Truths” – but are out of beer and water, so we head into town and, because it seems to be getting hot, we move on north towards Flagstaff and Coconino NF and the higher elevation and cooler lovely ponderosa pine forest.

[Update – I hear Flagstaff will get snow and cold for the next week, so we’re staying put here in Sedona.]

Consider me just a climate migrant¬†– yes, “We’re All Okies Now”

Enjoy the views:




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