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The Voice of The Stop Bernie Crowd

Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report absolutely nails what is going on within the Democratic Party, most recently revealed by the “front runner” candidacy of discredited “Credit Card” Joe Biden.

Ford wrote:

Bernie Sanders, in whose 2016 campaign AOC became an activist, is an austerity-buster, and therefore beyond the pale for the imperial ruling class. Austerity is the universal global policy of late stage capitalism. It is designed to cap any expectations the lower classes might have of a better standard of life in the future, and to squelch notions that society should be organized for the betterment of the masses of people. Under austerity, there is never any money to even think about that. Medicare for All would not only bust austerity wide open (even while lowering overall health costs), but would be a death sentence for a trillion dollar section of finance capital — the holy sanctum of the ruling class. Therefore, as the Wall Street Journal should know, the Lords of Capital have decreed: Stop Bernie — the corporate Democrats’ assignment from on-high. …

The corporate Democrats will thwart Sanders’ presidential bid — by any means necessary. The national security state folks may kill him. It is inconceivable that finance capital — which is to the Democratic Party what Big Oil is to the Republicans — will tolerate a financial industry-slayer in the White House, or accept Sanders opening up the Pandora’s Box of social spending on education and all the other “rights” he talks about. This is anathema to the ruling class in the 21st  century, and they will not allow such agitation to triumph in either of their houses: Democratic or Republican. The Lords of Capital have paid the cost to be the boss of these institutions, and will not be defied.  This season may be the final showdown between supermajorities of Democrats and the corporate party apparatus whose job is to betray them.

I don’t know what tricks and travesties the corporate Democrats will employ against Sanders and his supermajority issues, but it will be the ugliest political fight since the crackers bum-rushed Reconstruction in Dixie. At the end of the carnage, we’ll see if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the millions that think like her still want to be Democrats.

We saw that in 2016 – nothing has changed, they’ve just gotten a little more sophisticated in their attacks.

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