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I Just Found Some of The Bodies of “The Death of the Liberal Class”

But did I handle it appropriately, discreetly, and with decorum?

A few weeks ago, out of the blue, I received an extremely curious and personal email from John Weingart of the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics, a man I have had zero professional or personal contact with for over a decade (for example, see my last dispute with Weingart on adoption of the Highlands Regional Management Plan to understand that we are not best buds.)

I forgot the topic of that email, but I do recall that it was personal and I think it had something to do with coordinating a night of entertainment with Weingart and his friends.

I immediately deleted it, assuming it was some kind of internet fraud, or that Weingart’s email was hijacked.

That may well be the case.

Or it may be some kind of perverse joke on Weingart designed to taunt me.

Because tonight I received another Weingart personal email.

But this one follows my recent criticism of Weingart’s Op-Ed at NJ Spotlight, when I Tweeted this:

John Weingart personifies & validates Chris Hedges’ book “Death of the Liberal Class” WATCH: \

After receiving Weingart’s latest email tonight, I must report that I’ve unfortunately found the bodies of what Chris Hedges called the “Death Of the Liberal Class”.

Here is Weingart’s email chain, followed by a reply from a friend: (the numbers 1 – 3 are mine, to sequence the email chain. And yes, this is embarrassing):

1. On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 6:01 PM Julian Kestler < jkestler@att.net> wrote:

We have a doubles game at 4. Please confirm.

If court condition is doubtful, please call PRC before coming — 732-329-6200.

Skip Kestler 609-683-0358

2.  On May 29, 2019, at 8:43 PM, John Weingart < John@veryseldom.com> wrote:

Great. Thanks Skip.


3. Hi Guys,

See you all at 4:00 tomorrow, when/if the rain stops.


Here is my reply to this vacuous chatter:

Gentlemen – As I sit here just outside Taos NM reading Jack London’s “Iron Heel” in my converted school bus that has become my defacto primary residence after the Obama HUD sold my mortgage on my Bordentown row house to a Florida hedge fund for 50 cents on the dollar without my knowledge or consent – a move caused by my loss of income from my nonprofit NJ PEER which was defunded by NJ Foundations after a decade of criticizing state political leaders and providing voice and agency to whistleblowers to expose anti-environmental policies and wrongdoing at DEP –  I have no idea how I was somehow included in your tennis planning.

So pardon me, but, as a trained planner, of course I am curious (Yellow).

Accordingly – while I don’t wish to rain on your (tennis) parade – perhaps maybe after a few vigorously contested sets, you guys could Marshall your abundant resources and get yourselves engaged in the various crises the afflict our country and world?

Again, so sorry. I don’t want to appeal to your liberal guilt, but, as Chris Hedges has written, this is about whether the “Death of the Liberal Class” is real or imaginary.

Your friend

Bill Wolfe

Can’t make this shit up.

And I hope it rains tomorrow in NJ.
End Note: In his typical cowardly, snarky and passive-aggressive style that never engages the issues, Weingart just sent me an email to reply:

All my fault. Apologies to New Mexico and New Jersey.

– John

John Weingart
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