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EPA Finally Schedules Demolition Of Deadly Smoke Stacks At Curtis Specialty Superfund Site in Milford, NJ

Implosion Scheduled For October 4

Curtis Specialty Superfund site  (9/12/15)

Curtis Specialty Superfund site (9/12/15)

According to the US EPA, demotion of the deadly smoke stacks at the Curtis Specialty Superfund site in Milford NJ will occur on October 4, 2019.

That Superfund site has poisoned the community, Delaware River, & fish and wildlife for decades.

I have written many times about how the demolition and cleanup at that site has dragged on for years, with corporate polluters working behind the scenes with US EPA and NJ DEP to slow the pace and extent of cleanup and demolition, in hopes of reducing corporate cleanup costs and liabilities and maximizing the site’s redevelopment potential.

For years, corporate polluters have manipulated local officials who are desperate for redevelopment and tax ratables and been allowed by EPA ad NJ DEP to put profits above public health. For example, see:

But what has been viewed for years by some local residents as merely an eyesore recently turned into a deadly tragedy, as a local young woman lost her life in a fall from those smokestacks.

Over 7 YEARS ago, we warned about that risk:

CAG members repeatedly objected to my reasonable recommendations, even minor and basic stuff that would not cost taxpayers a dime, like asking for:

  • installation of fences and warning signs to limit site access to kids;

And despite this history of corporate poisoning, neglect, and obstruction, just look at the most recent craven and cowardly desperation of local officials:

Although International Paper has not indicated what it will do with the property, the borough has filed with the state a redevelopment plan for the buildable 21 acres, said Mayor Henri Schepens. Such a plan has more weight than mere zoning, and it calls for a mix of housing, such as apartments and condos, and light industry, such as medical offices or a long-term care facility, he said.

After the demolition, it’ll be up to the owner to find a developer who wants to buy it “and bring Milford back to the pride of the valley. It’ll be wonderful,” Schepens said.

Anyone interested in all this can attend the upcoming EPA Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting on September 30, 2019 at 7 pm at the Milford Firehouse.

Please don’t let that meeting become just another public relations spin cycle for the “Government Affairs” representatives of the polluters International Paper and Georgia Pacific, who EPA again  is allowing to frame and control the CAG presentation to the public.

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