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Copper Harbor, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


I head for the sticks with my bus and friends
I follow the road though I don’t know where it ends
Get out of town, get out of town
Think I’ll get out of town.
~~~ On The Beach (Neil Young, 1974)

Copper Harbor Michigan is a gorgeous place and we’ve been here for just over a week. A peninsula on a peninsula into Lake Superior.

It’s one of the most extreme points in the lower 48 – like these northwest coast and northeast coast points. We love that! And we’re now 63 on the shores of Superior!

We have been at a pretty good site just 5 miles or so outside of town in the woods, where we could bike in to a relatively isolated small town for food and supplies. At first, we struggled with the skeeters, but I thought it might be a place we could stay for awhile, if not the whole summer.

But we’ll leave tomorrow, as today we experienced a sudden tourist boom – heavy traffic, with lots of those off road asshole vehicles and lots of luxury SUV’s with mountain bikes on the back.

It wasn’t like this last weekend. Maybe it’s a buildup to the July 4th weekend or maybe it’s a result of the COVID re-opening or maybe it’s just normal summer tourism.

But it sucks and fuck that shit, it’s one of the reasons we left the west and headed east.

Maybe we can’t get away from it, but we’ll keep trying.

Update with photos I just downloaded:





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