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NJ Audubon Benefits From And Celebrates Trump Corruption And Self Dealing

NY Times expose of Trump tax avoidance and self dealing has direct links to NJ

Let’s begin with a question:

Why would NJ Audubon brag about “global attention” at Trump’s Bedminster NJ golf course, which is precisely the corruption and self dealing exposed by the NY Times?

While it has not be a focus of national concern, NJ people know that the roots of the Trump administration’s corruption are buried deep in NJ, from Jared Kushner (who’s “loathsome” felonious father went to prison) to Trump’s strategic advisor and fellow COVID con man Chris Christie.

For years, I have repeatedly written about one aspect of that NJ based corruption related to a Trump “partnership” with NJ Audubon at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

So, I was heartened to read the NY Times’ recent expose of Trump’s tax evasion, fraud and corruption, which had several links to those NJ corrupt roots, specifically at his Bedminster Golf Course regarding tax avoidance (specifically which could involve “landscaping”, “conservation easements”, “stewardship”, and other “administrative costs” directly associated with the NJ Audubon “partnernship”).

The NY Times reported:

Tax records do not have the specificity to evaluate the legitimacy of every business expense Mr. Trump claims to reduce his taxable income — for instance, without any explanation in his returns, the general and administrative expenses at his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey increased fivefold from 2016 to 2017.

I assumed that this bombshell was sufficient for at least the NJ press corps to investigate and expose the details of the NJ Bedminster operation, including the NJ Audubon “partnership”.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.

But again today, the NY Times ran a scathing editorial that focused on Trump’s corruption and self dealing, including how he uses his properties, read the whole thing: The Self Dealing Administration (emphasis mine):

The appearance of impropriety is not confined to the family’s Washington hotel. From Scotland to New Jersey to Florida and beyond, Trump properties have raked in tens of millions of dollars from those seeking to curry favor with, or at least express their appreciation for, the president. …

The Washington Post has estimated that the U.S. government had paid well over $1 million to the president’s company since he took office in costs associated with the Secret Service. This includes at least 530 nights at Mar-a-Lago and 950 nights at the president’s club in Bedminster, N.J.

So, once again, the Trump – NJ Audubon “partnership” is directly in the media cross hairs.

(and this also is the place where trump conducted a COVID “super spreader” event)

So, I thought I might seed that media inquiry and remind people that, instead of terminating and being ashamed and apologizing for the corrupt Trump “partnership”, that NJ Audubon actually celebrates it!

Here is an excerpt from NJ Audubon’s 2017 “Corporate Stewardship Council Report” that summarizes the Trump deal.

In that Report, NJ Audubon emphasizes the importance of Trump’s corruption and how the partnership is “receiving global attention”: (see page 12)

In 2017 Trump National Golf Club installed additional acres of native warm-season grasses and wild flowers, as native warm-season grasses and wild flowers, as well as restored a 10,000-square foot wetland area with native plantings as part of its overall habitat improvments at its Bedminster, NJ. Trump National Golf Club began habitat restoration e orts on the property in 2014 with large scale invasive species removals, native grass seeding and riparian plantings to bene t migratory bird and pollinators. Since then, they have continued to provide stewardship efforts to maintain the habitat while incorporating additional areas ofhabitat restoration when possible. …

All restoration efforts at the [Trump] property (which is receiving global attention due to US President Donald Trump’s frequent visits to the site), are part of the USFWS Partners in Fish and WildlifeProgram. Though the installation of native plants at the property a variety of bird, amphibian and butterfly species have been documented to be actively utilizing the property as breeding grounds.

Note that the NJ Audubon praises expansion of “stewardship” activities during the same time period (2016-2017) that the NY Times’ tax investigation revealed that Trump’s tax deductible expenses at the Bedminster course increased “fivefold”. 

Does this directly implicate NJ Audubon in Trump’s tax evasion?

Is Trump taking additional tax deductions for his 6 figure contributions to NJ Audubon that are unrelated to the “Stewardship” “partnership”?

And why would NJ Audubon brag about “global attention”, which is precisely the corruption and self dealing and tax evasion exposed by the NY Times?

Obvious questions emerge, including:

1) how much did Trump pay or contribute to NJ Audubon as part of the “partnership”?

2) Have any of Trump’s NJ Audubon related expenses for “landscaping”, conservation easements, or other “stewardship” activities been used by Trump for tax avoidance purposes?

3) Is the Trump “partnership” still in effect?

4) Will media demand that NJ Audubon CEO Eric Stiles provide information and respond to questions?

Come on intrepid journalists, I’ve teed this one up for you! (pun intended).

As  Scooter Libby wrote cryptically to disgraced former NY Times reporter Judith Miller, the Aspens are turning – so, well, let me similarly just suggest that the blackbirds are singing in the dead of night.

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