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Home State Hypocrite NJ Gov. Murphy Approves Fracked LNG Export Plant On The Delaware River

LNG Plant Makes a Total Sham of Gov.’s Climate and Energy Policies

Shame On NJ Media, Conservation Sycophants, And Gov. Murphy 

I modified original photo by Catskill Mountainkeeper

I modified original photo by Catskill Mountainkeeper

We didn’t listen in on today’s DRBC hearing, but we learn from Catskill Mountainkeeper that the Delaware River Basin Commission voted to approve a proposed massive fracked gas LNG export plant on the Delaware river:

Delaware River Basin Commission Votes to Approve Gibbstown Fracking Terminal

Shameful move comes after tens of thousands speak up in opposition

Just this morning, the Governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware voted to approve a dock expansion that will start the process of building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility in Gibbstown, NJ. During the meeting, New York State put forth a motion to extend the stay that prevented construction–the motion wasn’t seconded, and the vote proceeded. In the end, New York abstained.

As a result, New Fortress Energy will build a plant to turn fracked gas into liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Wyalusing, PA., which in turn will increase fracking in the Marcellus shale. That LNG will then be transported via truck and rail 200 miles through communities that do not deserve to become sacrifice zones for the oil and gas industry’s greed.

Having previously written about this corrupt deadly scheme, I really can’t add anything to that, other than to express my disgust and note a few things:

1) The NY State representative (of NY Gov. Cuomo) at least tried to get a vote on a motion to stay the approval – that motion died for a lack of a second (although the NY rep should have done more than “abstain” and should have voted “NO”). But the important point is that Murphy had the opportunity to kill the project but failed to follow NY’s lead.

This is particularly disgraceful and  egregious corruption by NJ Gov. Murphy – who not only exposed the hypocrisy of and sold out his climate and energy policies, – but whose home state will suffer the impacts and risks of this climate disastrous project.

Shame on NJ Gov. Murphy – I will work to see that he is a one term fool. (I sense he again bowed to Senate President Sweeney, who has been pushing this project for over 15 years – and there are questionable connections between corporate owners and Wall Street Democrat Gov. Murphy).

2) NJ Spotlight editors and reporters are cowards. They sensed the controversy, failed to hold NJ Gov. Murphy accountable, and ducked. It’s the foundation and special interest money (PSEG et al). That’s Jon Hurdle, Tom Johnson, and John Mooney.

They failed to write a set up story on today’s vote – which would put more pressure on DRBC Governors – , despite an aggressive and coordinated campaign from 4 state environmental groups and the support of thousands of residents.

Shame on NJ Spotlight. What a lame outfit.

3) Other NJ based environmental groups that are sycophants and cheerleaders for NJ Gov. Murphy  – including NJ Audubon, NJ Conservation Foundation, and NJ League of Conservation Voters – failed to join the coalition that was seeking to block this project and instead diverted their members’ attention to self serving corrupt non-issues, like this “Action Alert” by NJ Audubon:

We have a short time to act before Congress signs off on the fiscal year 2021 budget! Congress is expected to make a decision by December 11th on the Interior Appropriations bill which contains funding for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program. Will you send a message to Congress asking them to invest in the future of the Delaware River Basin?:.

All these assholes want is more government grants.

Shame on them.

4) I predict we will see more promotion of fracked gas exports under the Biden Administration, because Biden’s “climate envoy” John Kerry -like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – sees US fracked gas exports as a strategic weapon and way to undermine Russian influence on Europe via Russian gas exports.

Wall Street meets the fossil fools and war machine hiding inside the US State Department.

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