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NJ Gov. Murphy: Greenest Gaslighter In The Country

Executive Order Pre-empts Focus On Fossil Moratorium

Gov. Order Is Nothing Like New York State Climate Law

[Update below, with link to Executive Order]

Right now, I tuned in late, but am watching live as Gov. Murphy issues an Executive Order, apparently on new climate goals and use of RGGI money.

As I’ve written, goals without enforceable programs to meet the goals is sham. We need laws like New York State.

As I wrote just last week:

There’s lots of talk about goals and timetables. But no one is demanding that those greenhouse gas emission reduction goals be linked to enforceable regulatory authorities (i.e. State permits). If not, they are merely aspirational, or slogans not policy.

The timing also is highly suspect, because on Monday, the Senate will hear a Resolution urging the Gov. to impose a moratorium on new fossil. 

Again, as I wrote about this non-binding moratorium Resolution, just days ago:

A non-binding Resolution urging the Gov. to act may have been appropriate during Gov. Murphy’s first 100 days. But after 4 years, it is absurd.

We need legislation with enforceable goals, timetables, and standards, like New York State climate law provides.

The last thing we need during this climate emergency – and after 15 years of failed aspirational goals of the Global Warming Response Act, small bore market based programs (RGGI), voluntary programs, subsidies,”nudges”, moral appeals, and incentives – is more symbolic gestures.

DEP’s climate PACT and environmental justice regulations are nowhere to be seen.

The timing of today’s press conference was designed to preempt activists’ calls for the Gov. to put teeth in NJ climate law, impose a moratorium on new fossil, and accelerate long delayed DEP climate PACT and environmental justice rules.

More to follow when I get a copy and read the Executive Order.

[Update 1: My Trenton sources tell me the Murphy event was also designed to divert attention from an environmental justice – climate march in Newark today against the PVSC fracked gas power plant and sludge plant. Pure sabotage. Like I said, the Gov. is a sandbagging gaslighter.

There  is also bad faith within the environmental community, because several “leaders” of groups that are members of the Empower NJ Coalition (the coalition demanding a fossil moratorium) knew about the Gov. event today several days ago and did not give their fellow coalition members a heads up.]

[Update 2 – I’ll do a detailed stand alone post on this for tomorrow, but I just read the Governor’s Executive Order 274.

Gov. Murphy is not only killing the moratorium by reiterating his “transition” policy, he’s doing exactly the OPPOSITE of the NY State law, by explicitly prohibiting his Executive Order’s new emissions reduction aspirational goal from being used in the DEP permit and regulatory process (e.g. upcoming DEP PACT or EJ RULES)

nothing shall be used as a basis for legal challenges to rules, approvals, permits, licenses, or other action or inaction by a State entity.”

Like I said, the last thing we need right now are more symbolic gestures.

Perhaps the only thing worse that the Gov.’s symbolic gestures and gaslighting, is the cheerleading by his sycophants, Ed Potosnak and Kim Gaddy.

Double shame on Ms. Gaddy, because she is a member of the Empower NJ Coalition and thereby is pledged to support the moratorium. Gov. Murphy just explicitly sandbagged that moratorium and instead of condemning him for that she praised it.

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