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Under the Leadership of Former Exxon Mobil Hack, NJ Audubon Expands Into Climate And Regulation of Toxic Chemicals

NJ Audubon’s Expansion of Mission Broadens Green Mafia Corruption

Look For More Cheerleading, Fundraising, & Gaslighting

Last September, when NJ Audubon hired a former Exxon Mobil “scientist”, we warned of exactly what that would mean:

The move signals an expansion of NJ Audubon’s role and influence into DEP regulatory policy, and not just on forestry, birding and various corporate scams that parade under the banner of “stewardship”.

Their new VP of Stewardship, Mr Ireland, has backgrounds in regulatory compliance and site remediation.

NJ DEP climate, regulatory and site remediation programs allow multiple opportunities for the kind of corporate scams Mr. Ireland worked on at Exxon-Mobil.

In less than a year, Ireland was promoted to CEO (much like his former corporate lawyer friend, DEP Commissioner LaTourette, who joined the DEP and also was quickly promoted to Commissioner. Eh tu Brute?).

And since then, that’s exactly what has happened.

NJ Audubon receive a record $6 million dark money “anonymous” donation.

NJ Audubon Received a portion of $15 million in additional funding, beyond the already extravagant $100 Million Wm. Penn Foundation funded non-regulatory Delaware Watershed Initiative.

And Ireland wrote an Op-Ed seeking even more federal money.

Mr. Ireland inserted himself in the Rutgers Climate Change Alliance.

Mr. Ireland authored a self-interested Op-Ed supporting federal funding for lame voluntary “incentive based” agricultural programs that purport to be climate related but do little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and serve to derail more effective regulatory mandates (and feed the Green Mafia).

Mr. Ireland praised DEP’s lame regulatory proposal on carbon dioxide emissions from portions of the fossil power sector. DEP abandoned proposed requirements on electrification of fossil boilers, further weakening an already weak proposal.

Just last week, Eileen Murphy, NJ Audubon’s Trenton lobbyist – former Director of DEP’s Science program – authored an Op-Ed on chemical regulation, praising NJ’s “national leadership”. Yeah, right.

Murphy also praised legislation she knows is a sham, which I exposed in this post:

More recently, Mr. Ireland praised a total DEP sellout to corporate chemical giant BASF. The DEP used Ireland in DEP’s over the top self serving press release.

So, there it is. Just as I predicted.

NJ Audubon is now playing an expanding role on issues that they have no historical involvement in.

Their role is to:

1) Promote and praise corporate friendly, lame and false solutions (while misleading the public);

2) support the DEP and/or Governor or Legislators, while selling out communities and activists;

3) secure additional funding for NJ Audubon’s programs, including huge corporate contributions; and

4)  undermine and derail any real reform efforts by “partners” (AKA co-opt and/or marginalize the radicals).

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