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NJ’s First Zelensky Award – Orwell Would Blush

Spinning Out Of Control And Believing You Own Bullshit

Murphy DEP Commissioner LaTourette in the creepiest Zoom backgrounder ever.

Murphy DEP Commissioner LaTourette in the creepiest Zoom background ever.

Sometimes my skepticism and sometimes cynicism gets overwhelmed by the Orwellian reality.

Anyone who has been paying attention – and I don’t mean the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC,  NPR, et al – has come to realize Ukrainian President Zelensky is a propaganda artist and gaslighter who has zero credibility among academics and serious people.

His latest stunt before the US Congress was the final act for him, as he destroys his country “fighting Russia to the last man”.

So, today, we create our own inaugural Zelensky Award – and I personally nominate this statement for First Prize:

“Every natural resource of our state belongs directly to the people of New Jersey, and as the trustee of their natural resources, it is our job to make sure that when pollution damages our environment, the people are paid back for the harm to their natural resources,” DEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette said in a written statement.

“A true turnaround story, this settlement would transform one of New Jersey’s most notorious polluted sites into one of our biggest environmental success stories—one that delivers the natural resource quality that every community deserves, shoulder-to-shoulder with a good corporate citizen determined to repair the environmental damage of our shared industrial past. My sincere thanks to BASF and every partner that contributed to this success for the people of New Jersey.”

It’s a “story” all right – and it is shameful for a DEP Commissioner to elevate a narrative “story” over facts, science, history, and policy.

A “story” dutifully transcribed by Ocean County “news” outlet WOBM:


We welcome endorsements, testimonials, and additional nominations from our readers and will award the prize on April 1.

Dispatch from the Sonoran – Over and out.

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