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May Day – Wild Horses

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I thought these gorgeous photos of wild horses I shot in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument would be a good visual metaphor to highlight the rising strength and militance of the labor movement (the dazling display of colors can not be captured in a photo).

May Day – Workers Day – is celebrated around the world but that celebration and history are suppressed in the propagandized USA.

Of course, the capitalists can’t educate the workers about how to organize and militantly make demands for living wages, safe working conditions, a dignified life and an end to the exploitation of working people.

The Encyclopedia Brittanica tells us:

What event does May Day commemorate? In 1889, May 1 was designated May Day, a day in support of workers, by an international federation of socialist groups and trade unions in commemoration of the Haymarket Affair, a violent confrontation that took place on May 4, 1886, in Chicago, Illinois.

The same battle to suppress history is happening across multiple fronts right now – which is another good reason to form broad coalitions of good people to fight back. “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away…” John Pilger:

‘How did it come to this?’ Martha Gellhorn would say if she were here. ‘Where on earth are the voices saying no? Where is the comradeship?’

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