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Purple Mountain Majesties

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I knew that phrase and the eye candy would get your attention!

You may not have read about it in the press, or Democratic Party emails, or your corporate algorithm driven social media feed, but – and I apologize in advance for interrupting your busy day of shopping and social media memes with political propaganda – but Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had something rather profound to announce to the American people.

RFK Jr. just called for ending the permanent war economy, closing the 800 foreign US military bases around the world, ending the US Empire, and bringing the troops home to help build schools, hospitals, renewable energy systems, etc.

He grounded this new America First campaign in compassion (not in the xenophobia and racism of MAGA) and historically linked it to the wisdom in Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech and the objectives of his Poor People’s Campaign.

Quoting his uncle President JFK – RFK Jr. called for smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces and scattering it to the wind.

And he vowed to end “the corrupt merger of State and corporate power” .

And for my environmental friends, he spoke at great length of his career working with environmental activists and their success in suing corporate polluters, as well as the values (spiritual, not just economic) that the natural environment provides.

How do you like ‘dem apples  (pun intended!)

I just thought readers here might be interested in all that – particularly because I’m sure that you’ve been brainwashed to think he is an anti-vax, anti-science, nut job.

You can watch speech and much more at this link and be treated to the most wonderful renditions of The Turtle’s “Happy Together” and a soulful “America The Beautiful”:

(my advise to RFK Jr. would be to lay the foundations and develop plans for bolting the Democrats for a 3rd party after they sabotage him like they did Bernie Sanders (twice! in 2016 and 2020).

I’d also let his policy team know that I’m available for the campaign and my only extraction would be appointment as Regional Administrator at EPA  Region 2.)

[Update 5/16/23 – A good friend and knowledgeable source strongly disagrees with the above:

Rfk jr is a dangerous crook – he sold out the people in Ringwood superfund site – and pettys island – plus other stuff

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