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NJ LCV Op-Ed On Liberty State Park Is Disgusting Hypocrisy

NJ LCV Led The Campaign That Took Over $250 Million Away From State Parks

Potosnak Steals The Work Of Sam Pesin, A Legendary Leader In Protecting The Park

Ed Potosnak is the guy in the pink tie

Ed Potosnak is the guy in the pink tie

NJ Spotlight published an Op-Ed today by Ed Potosnak of NJ LCV in support of DEP’s proposed Liberty State Park Plan, see:

Potosnak is perhaps Gov. Murphy’s and DEP Commissioner LaTourette’s lead cheerleader, see:

Potosnak not only has done very little of the real grassroots work of protecting Liberty State Park – which has been done for decades by Sam Pesin of Friends of LSP – he led the Statewide campaign that diverted over $250 MILLION from State Parks maintenance, leading to the current $720 MILLION unfunded deficit in State Parks maintenance.

Potosnak has done more harm to State Parks than anyone.

I was so disgusted I fired off this note to NJ Spotlight and DEP Commissioner LaTourette:

———- Original Message ———-

From: Bill WOLFE <b>

To: “ferencem@njspotlightnews.org” <ferencem@njspotlightnews.org>, “jonhurdle@gmail.com” <jonhurdle@gmail.com>, “ed.potosnak@njlcv.org” <ed.potosnak@njlcv.org>

Cc: Sam Pesin <pesinliberty@earthlink.net>, “shawn.latourette@dep.nj.gov” <shawn.latourette@dep.nj.gov>, “wparry@ap.org” <wparry@ap.org>, “tmoran@starledger.com” <tmoran@starledger.com>

Date: 06/06/2024 8:59 AM EDT

Subject: Potosnak Op-Ed LSP

Dear NJ Spotlight:

Your Op-Ed on LSP left a lot out, including the fact that the author led a statewide campaign that stole previously constitutionally dedicated Corporate Business Tax funds – specifically $32 million per year to State Parks maintenance – and reprogrammed that money for other purposes. (other CBT proceeds dedicated to DEP water resource and toxic waste cleanup CBT funds were stripped as well).

At the time (2014), there was a $400 million backlog in State Parks maintenance projects. That deficit is now $720 million and it is unfunded.

The head of the NJ State Parks system at the time wrote:

“Mark Texel, head of the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, called it a “massive blow” and said in a Facebook post soon after the vote that it was “the darkest day I have faced in my professional career.”

No need to take my word for it, read the Bergen Record story:


It is the height of hypocrisy for this author to now pretend to be some kind of leader on State Parks.

And he usurped the real leadership of a true hero, Sam Pesin, who has led campaigns to protect LSP for over 40 years.

Do better.

Bill Wolfe

ps – if you want all the details, read this piece:

  • An Open Letter To Gov. Murphy’s Environmental Lapdogs


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