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Right Between The Eyes


But the age of truth will soon appear, Aquarius arrives
A man’s a man who looks a man right between the eyes.

~~~ Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young (1970) (listen)

I picked this guy up on the way home from Trenton today – he was crossing the street.

Funny, I picked a snapping turtle up off Rt. 29 just last night in Stockton by Prallsville Mills – almost lost a finger! Back to back turtle rescue – must be an omen!

Although I gave some kick ass testimony to the Senate Environment Committee on the waiver rule (listen – I speak about 50 minutes in), the turtle was the highlight of my day.

I knew turtles were slow, but never knew how patient one must be to wait for them to come out of their shell.

After more than an hour standoff, the turtle won the battle of wills – and I lost a good shot of the bright color of his neck and legs.

Aquarius arrives!

But not so fast! – I came across that snapping turtle last night on Rt. 29 on my way home from Bull’s Island.

I went out there last night too see how the high flowing river was impacting the recently installed restoration work along the Canal and riverfront.

According to some hacks in DEP management, I was “trespassing” again. WRONG!

The restoration work was Ordered by the US Army Corps on Engineers (USACE), along with the Hunterdon County Soil Conservation District (SCD). Both agencies took enforcement action for violations of the USACE dredge permit by the NJ Water Supply Authority and engaging in illegal un-permitted bulldozing and fill on 450 feet of the riverfront.

You recall, these are the reckless and wanton violations of environmental laws that Larry Rangonese of the DEP Press Office  called me “completely ridiculous and irresponsible” for reporting to government agencies and the press.

Are the USACE and Hunterdon SCD “completely ridiculous and irresponsible” too Larry?

As a result of my “completely ridiculous and irresponsible actions“, all that illegal fill was removed before it could be washed out by last night’s high flowing river.

Rich Boornazian, former real estate man - now DEP Assistant Commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources

Now that the Canal and riverfront are being restored, I have a word of advice for DEP Commissioner Bob Martin and his real estate hack of an Assistant Commissioner for Natural Resources regarding their hair brained scheme to clear cut mature trees and all vegetation – including huge 200 year old sycamores – from 5.22 acres of the Island:


Word on the street is that phone calls were made from high places in DEP to advise that Commissioner  Martin has decided and warn environmentalists to just sit down and shut up (and stop “trespassing”).

As my grandfather used to say: well, I’ve got new for you pal!

DEP Bob Martin - "the decider"

First of all, you are not some kind of King that can go around arrogantly dictating these destructive decisions with no public input or consultation with federal and state agency partners with interests in the Island.

Second of all, the alleged “science” supporting your clearcut decision is fatally flawed.

Third, your perception of environmental risk is warped.

Air and water pollution from chemical plants and oil refineries and toxic waste sites are no problem and deserve “regulatory relief” and “customer service” by DEP, but TREES are  DEADLY? Are you kidding me!

You make Ronald Reagan’s statement that trees cause air pollution seem progressive!

[reminds of Martin’s similar warped perception of risk in canceling oyster reef restoration n Raritan Bay, based on imaginary and exaggerated risks of poaching. All while ignoring real risks emphasized by FDA threats to shut down NJ fisheries.]

And most importantly, this will be  a huge fight-  and I plan to see to it that  you will lose and that the trees and critters – will win. WE are not gonna let this happen. Period.

DEP  Preference for Riverfront View:

DEP bulldozed vegetation and filled Delaware Riverfront - no permits. USACE ordered restoration - looks like DEP has not revegetated.

Here’s my preference for a riverfront view – DEP would destroy this by a clearcut:

Let’s repeat that: Here’s DEP preference:

My preference – which would be destroyed by DEP clearcut:



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