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Better Think Twice Before ….

A Hike For Gov. Christie and DEP Commissioner Bob Martin

Never mind the weeds, NJA should just Stop pulling all those tricks!

[A “worse than I thought” Update below]

Two news items that demand some pushback today.

First, the climate denying Gov. Christie and his DEP, led by corporate hack Bob Martin – who never met a fossil fuel power plant, pipeline, chemical facility or development that they didn’t want to promote and deregulate –  are warning residents about the risks of bears:

Aside from failing to note that climate change is impacting the hibernation, I’d like to make a suggestion about how increase the bear’s ability to spot food and mates:

Send Gov. Christie and Bob Martin on a wild blueberry picking hike in Highlands forests with a jar of vaseline. Maybe NJ Audubon CEO Eric Stiles can lead the hike.

Second, NJ Audubon “CEO”  – an apt title for what has become an entrepreneurial consulting firm – Eric Stiles has an Op-Ed in NJ Spotlight today, see:

I could not resist noting that NJ Audubon needs to think twice before (lets see how long this comment lasts on NJ Spotlight before its deleted):

1) logging public forests in the Highlands;

2) promoting destructive legislation like S768 (Smith) to vastly expand logging of state lands under the scientifically sham cover called “stewardship” and early successional forest habitat creation;

3) entering into partnership deals with Donald Trump

4) taking $140,000 from billionaire and hunting mogul Peter Kellogg to mask a logging and hunting habitat creation project;

5) using private certification (i.e. FSC) to promote logging and undermine NJ DEP and Highlands regulations and exploiting loopholes in wetlands and DEP regulatory policies:

6) entering into secret Memoranda of Agreements with DEP that explicitly deny public access to public information regarding the management of public lands

7) Leading selfish coalitions like Keep It Green and NJ LCV that selfishly divert environmental and State Parks funds and dupe the public.

8) Paying CEO Stiles over $100,000 to lead what has become an entrepreneurial consulting firm

Never mind the weeds, NJA should just Stop pulling all those tricks!

[Update: a sharp reader just schooled me and urged that I read the bill, because:

A1069 is a full employment act for Audubon in order to plant native species and exempt from local ordinances you have to be certified by Audubon.

I guess after having lost the monopoly on forest stewardship FSC certified consulting, NJA is diversifying their markets and revenue generation strategies. “Heck-of-a-job” CEO Stiles!

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