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Pinelands Pond


We had a fine day on Sunday at this lovely Pinelands pond (which we had all to ourselves – thankfully, despite its accessibility, the pond has not been destroyed yet by the “Mudders”).

We like to read in the woods.


Wallace Stegner is one of my favorites. He writes beautifully about the essentials – so despite immersion in Pinelands beauty, reading his “Wolf Willow”, I was transported to the Cypress Hills region on the Canadian prairie of 1915. (more on that book in a future post, as it opened the floodgates of memory to what I’ll generously call my early youth in “Wolfe Hollow – Yonkers, NY 1957 – 1962)

Taking a break to reflect upon the story, as I was walking along a (closed off) road, I was thinking that it was so quiet and isolated that I’d like to set up a camp. And just then I turned a bend in the road and came across someone who must have been thinking the same thing:


Buoy had a great day too!


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