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Stories and Photos From 2016 – Part 2 (of 4)

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Hit links below to see stories, events, maps, charts, and pictures:


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Sparta Mountain – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The Transco Compressor Station and Gas Pipeline Dewatering Permit Is Not In the Public Interest

Residents and Officials Demand That Christie DEP Deny Permits To Kill Controversial Pipeline

Dear Mayor Fulop

NJ DEP Has Know For YEARS that Up to 18% of NJ Homes Have High Lead Levels

Christie DEP Proposes To Weaken Key Highlands Water Quality Protections To Promote More Growth

Christie DEP and Highlands Council To Present Septic Density Rollbacks Tomorrow

Gov. Christie & Bob Martin Celebrate Earth Day

A Heartfelt Note To My New York Friends – Vote For Bernie!

Bernie Makes Brilliant Buy

Look At Who’s Watching

Mission Accomplished In The Pequannock Watershed?

Pinelands Forest Stewardship

Conducting Forensic Autopsies On the Canaries, While the Miners Are Poisoned

Christie DEP To Roll Out Rollbacks of Core Highlands Act Water Protections

Hardyston Township Officials Slam Christie DEP Sparta Mountain Logging Plan

A Last Ditch Effort To Avoid Disaster On Christie Flood Hazard Rules

Gov. Christie Evokes “I Worked the Cones” In A Stunt To Obscure Vulnerability On Lead and Drinking Water

New Jersey’s Notorious Lead Legacy

No Daylight Between Christie DEP and The Loggers In Sparta Mountain Battle

Bulls Island Remains Closed For The Sixth Year

NJ Audubon Is Today’s “April Fool” For Spinning Their Sparta Mountain Logging Plan


Christie DEP Holds Public Hearing On Highlands Clean Water Rollback

Public Comment Period Closes Today On Transco Compressor Station “Dewatering” Permit for Southern Reliability Link Pipeline

Strategic Advice To NJ Pipeline Foes: Build A Public Campaign To Pressure DEP To Deny Clean Water Act 401 Approval

Climate Deer In The Headlights

Christie DEP Commissioner Bob Martin Misleads Legislature On Pipelines – With a Little Help From His Friends

Take a Look At Christie DEP “Lowest Priority” Streams For Updating Flood Maps

Christie DEP’s “Concurrent Proposal” to “Fix” Flood Hazard Rules to Avoid Legislative Veto Is A Sham

EPA Asked To Conduct Enforcement Review of BL England Plant and Christie DEP Permit Renewal

Christie DEP Adopts Flood Hazard Rule Despite Pending Legislative Veto

Sponsors of Highlands Act Urged to Veto Christie DEP Proposed Rollback of Groundwater Protection As “Inconsistent with Legislative Intent”

USGS Study Christie DEP Relied On To Rollback Highlands Protections Is Challenged Under Federal Data Quality Act

“The Whole World Is In Non-Attainment for Greenhouse Gases”

Time To Pull The Plug on the BL England Power Plant

Dear Chairman Gusciora

The Renewable Energy “Ventilator Death” Legislator Lied About Tennessee Gas Pipeline

Christie DEP Has New Role: Consultant To Polluters

NJ Legislator Deploys A “Death Panel” Scare Tactic In Climate Denying Attack on Solar and Wind Power

The Fine Art of Pipeline Kabuki On Display Today in Trenton

NJ Legislators Must Strengthen Proposed Pipeline Resolution

Bordentown Files Clean Water Act Based Challenge of FERC Transco Pipeline Approval

Continuing Misplaced Focus Diverts Pipeline Foes

Sanders NJ Rallies Provide A Great Opportunity To Contrast Clinton Climate Policy And Shine a National Media Light On Christie Pipelines and Power Plants

Pipelines and Private Property Rights

DEP Scientists Document Ecological Health of Headwater Streams At Same Time Christie Hacks Rollback Their Protections


Tell Senate President Sweeney – No Deals On Clean Water

Pipeline Activists Declare Energy Independence In Celebration of the 4th – Urge Sweeney To Block The Pinelands Pipeline

Some Advice for the Open Space Crowd

Does Back Room Open Space “Deal” Provide Cover for Democrats To Abandon Veto of DEP Flood Hazard Rules?

Casino Gambling Partners With Farmland Preservation

Highlands Documentary Exposes Folly Of Christie DEP Logging Scheme

Hey You!

We Call on NJ Audubon To Repudiate Trump Money and Sever Partnership

Is Senate President Sweeney Playing Politics With Clean Water?

Massive Sprawl Development Follows Christie DEP Approval of New Sewer Plant

Connecting the Dots Between Pipelines and Clean Water

Bordentown Bluffs – A Wonderful Walk

Legislature Will Veto Gov. Christie’s DEP Flood Hazard Rules

While PennEast Pipeline Foes Focus on FERC, Pennsylvania DEP Quietly Issues Water Quality Certificate

DEP Has No Legislative Authority To Establish A Riparian Mitigation Bank And Trading Scheme

FERC Struggling With Chesterfield – Bordentown Clean Water Act Challenge To “Southern Reliability Link” Pinelands Pipeline

Christie DEP Casually Notes That DEP Has Known About The Lead In Drinking Water Problem “For a Generation Or So”

Why Is NJ Media Keeping NY Gov. Cuomo’s Pipeline Kill A Secret?

Senate Will Decide Fate Of Christie Flood Hazard Rule Rollback

Sparta Mountain Logging Debate Pits Ecologists Against Commercial Logging and Hunting Interests

Response to NJ Farm Bureau Lies On Highlands Water Quality Rollback

Standing Room Only To Protect The Highlands At DEP Hearing On Water Quality Rollback

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